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Our Services

At Majesty Bridal we want you to have a wonderful and memorable experience from the day you choose your gown to our preservation services after the wedding.

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Just as important as choosing your gown is trusting that it will be expertly altered to look perfect for your special day. Our seamstresses are experts in their field, and you work with one fitter from beginning to end, ensuring that your fit is perfect.

Over the years, we have found out that the best seamstress have their own studios and like to work in a space dedicated completely to altering your gown.

When you purchase your dress at Majesty you will be directed to seamstress that have been working with bridal dresses for years, and can fit you in the confort of their studio.With the help of our seamstresses, your gown will truly be one of a kind and a perfect reflection of you.

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We take pride in offering a full range of carefully curated bridal accessories, including enchanting headpieces, designer wedding veils, exquisite jewelry, and exquisite belts. Explore our collection from renowned designers, including:

Bel Aire Bridal: Renowned for their intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail. From delicate headpieces adorned with shimmering crystals to ethereal wedding veils that add a touch of elegance



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Wedding Gown Preservation


At Majesty Bridal, we understand the sentimental value of your wedding gown and accessories. That's why we offer comprehensive cleaning and wedding gown preservation services to ensure that you can cherish your treasured items for decades to come.


To make the process even more convenient, we provide direct shipping services to your home, allowing you to receive your preserved gown without any hassle.

For more information about our cleaning and preservation process or to schedule these services, please contact us at (203) 730-1784.

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